Elbe bike path

Upstream to Prague or downstream to Hamburg

Whether you are on a weekend bike trip or biking for several weeks along the Elbe - Meissen is a great place to stop over. The Elbe bike path follows the river all the way from its source near Špindlerův Mlýn (Czech Republic) to Cuxhaven, where it reaches the North Sea.

“1,300 km full of surprises, at times close to the water, at times mysterious, at times rural, at times urban - come and discover … “ is the slogan of this bike path, one of Germany’s longest.

Hotel Ross is located only about 100 m off the bike path on the right bank, and glad to welcome bike tourists.

Zum Elberadweg

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MEISSEN® porcelain

Discover the famous MEISSEN® porcelain manufactory with its unique craftsmanship and the crossed blue swords - in Meissen since 1710.

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Meissen old town

This town is over 1000 years old and invites you to time travel through its crooked alleys and up the steep ascents to the castle hill.

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Albrechtsburg castle

Visit Germany’s oldest palace and admire the breathtaking architecture at the transition from the late middle ages into renaissance.

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wine country Saxony

Wine lovers will feel right at home around Meissen - Germany’s second smallest wine growing region extends up and down the Elbe river.

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The capital of Saxony is bustling with art, culture, architecture and nightlife - discover Dresden!

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Moritzburg hunting lodge

The baroque castle is surrounded by an extensive woodland reserve complete with animals - a favourite destination for families.

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Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Called Saxon Switzerland for good reason, the breathtakingly bizarre rock formations in this special part of the Elbe valley are a delight for hikers and climbers.

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Pillnitz palace & park

Best known for its spectacular gardens and water displays, as well as a huge Camellia tree - over 250 years old!

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White Fleet

Nothing is more relaxing than cruising along the Elbe river on an historic steamboat and watching the landscape unroll on both sides.

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